NZ Sabbatical: The Quest for Aquatic Viruses in Middle Earth

Originally posted on Team Aquatic Virus at Cornell:
Faculty at Cornell are eligible every 12 semesters for academic sabbatical. While this often conjures talk of a “working holiday” or “extended vacation”, in fact a sabbatical is nothing of the sort – it’s a chance for faculty to hit the “refresh” button by working differently from…

Adventure Continues: 2016 International Parvovirus Workshop

Week 3 of Ian’s world odyssey saw Ian depart Norway early morning on the 18th for the trip down to Ajaccio, Corsica (France). Corsica is one of the most difficult places to fly to in Europe thanks to French laws that see most flights leaving from secondary airports (like Paris Orly). Making the trip more … More Adventure Continues: 2016 International Parvovirus Workshop


It’s been over a week since last Ian updated this blog, so I guess its time for an update. No, Ian didn’t drop off the face of the Earth – even though he believes the Earth is flat and the journey would take him beyond the edge. Rather, Ian was at home in Australia for … More Norway!