On the way!

A cool and early start yesterday as Elliot and Ian departed Ithaca for our collecting expedition to the Aleutians. All paperwork in place (collection permits, transport permits) in place, we were keen to get started on the project. Fortunately all flights were on time!

IMG_3565 Winging out way over Rochester on our way to Detroit…then to Seattle…then to Anchorage…

IMG_3566 Elliot reviewing plans for sampling and experiments.

Once to Anchorage, we checked into our hotel overnight, had a brief walk into town where we caught up with some local wildlife, before crashing out for the evening. This is such a short trip that we’ll probably stay on East Coast time, which means 8pm bedtime and 5am starts…

IMG_3568 Anchorage is full of wildlife…

This morning up and off to the airport – the tiny plane for the 3 hr flight is completely full. Some challenges to doing fieldwork in far-flung alaska is that everything in Dutch Harbor has to come in by air, cargo isn’t all that reliable, and they fill those planes up to the brim. They weigh EVERYTHING for the flight out/back – including you (well, they ask for your weight). So it’s quite the experience. More soon from the other side of Bristol Bay!

IMG_3571 The 20 seater Pen Air plane we’re taking to Dutch Harbor…

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