Cruise Day 0: Unpack, Set Up, Make Plans

Jet lag in full effect, Ian tried hard to wake up at 7 am but couldn’t… instead waking up at 8. Shortly after breakfast/lunch, Ian was met by friend and colleague Bob Morris, faculty at the University of Washington, who had kindly offered to help procure liquid N2 and allow Ian to use his fine balance to weigh out ferric chloride – a key reagent in Elliot’s work on the boat looking at virioplankton. After locating the dry shipper, which had successfully made it back to Ithaca, emptied of samples, then been sent out to Seattle by Ian’s partner (thanks Zug!) and grad student Tina Tran (thanks Tina!), Ian weighed out samples of FeCl3 and located the rest of the equipment, which had at this stage already been moved by marine tech Brandi to the vessel (thanks Brandi!).

Various views of the Barnes in port. Middle photo – fantail of the Barnes looking at the much larger Thomas G. Thompson.

At about 12pm, Jacob and Mitch arrived into Seattle and were waiting at the hotel – and the three (Ian included) went to the dock to unpack, unload, and prepare for the cruise. It was there that Ian met with Captain Ray McQuin, about cruise plans. The weather for the cruise looks exceptional – only partially cloudy, temps in the 40s, and no real winds to speak of. Hopefully. Fingers crossed, as the Barnes is a small ship, and has logged >1000 research cruise since it was first commissioned in 1965.

The team set up all equipment in quick time – securing pumps to the bench, retrieving consumables, and returning bulky shipping containers to the warehouse for storage.


Lab space on the Barnes

Tomorrow the crew depart for a day trip out to the southern Sound, before starting on earnest the following day. The vessel is quite comfortable for its size (65′), but it is difficult to moor or anchor at sea, so the team will be spending each night in port. Having said that, the vessel has excellent accommodations, including a galley, mess, and berthing for 6.

Panorama of on board the Barnes.

What will we find? First stop is just out of the lake. We will keep this blog posted of our findings in real time!!

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