NZ Sabbatical: The Quest for Aquatic Viruses in Middle Earth

Team Aquatic Virus at Cornell

Faculty at Cornell are eligible every 12 semesters for academic sabbatical. While this often conjures talk of a “working holiday” or “extended vacation”, in fact a sabbatical is nothing of the sort – it’s a chance for faculty to hit the “refresh” button by working differently from their normal job. Sometimes faculty go on sabbatical while staying in Ithaca to give them a chance to write a textbook, to write material for a new class, or learn new techniques. Often faculty work at another institution or in collaboration with industry to gain wider perspective of their discipline. Ian’s been teaching at Cornell since January 2009, so is well overdue for a “refresh”. And so he decided to travel to the antipode of New York (well, a little further west to the antipode – to New Zealand) to take his sabbatical.

So what is he going to do while there? And…

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